The second step to take after recognizing a substance abuse problem is to seek help.  Whether it be from friends and family or a treatment center, beating alcohol or drug addiction is exponentially harder to overcome alone.  A drug rehabilitation facility affords the highest rate of success when struggling to achieve sobriety, but many people are reluctant because they do not know what to expect.  They imagine some sort of prison, or a continual session of group therapy where they will agonize over their problems.  While group therapy and counseling is a large part of the rehabilitation process, there are many other aspects of rehab that help contribute to sobriety. 

In rehab, individual therapy sessions are used to identify any underlying factors affecting the addiction.  Often, even the addict will be unaware of psychological or medical illnesses that could be attributing to or even aggravating the addiction.  Individual therapy is more private and focused, whereas group therapy is more about sharing and finding common ground.  Another form of therapy often involves family and close friends.  Not only does this provide an opportunity to reconnect with loved ones, it also helps build a strong support system that will still be there when the patient leaves the rehab facility.

Other activities are used to help deal with addiction while in rehab.  The entire day will not be comprised entirely of various counseling and therapy sessions.  Activities such as yoga, meditation, art, music, and exercise are offered.  These help people struggling with addiction issues to have some drug-free fun, and perhaps discover a new talent or hobby that can be continued once out of rehab. 

Attending a drug and alcohol rehabilitation can be scary because it is an unknown environment, but in the end will be a worthwhile and rewarding experience.  Staying in a rehab center while seeking treatment helps to ensure a successful, happy, and sober life after sobriety has been attained.  Drug Rehab Center Columbia can help you or your loved one beat drug or alcohol addiction.  For more information, call (443) 539-7729 today.


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